To plan, direct, control and coordinate medical services, the functions of each department must be integrated with fine administrative skills. The department consists of well experienced and renowed doctors in their respective fields for many years.

  • Recruitment of medical & non medical staff
  • Overseeing Quality of patient care
  • Setting hospital standards in accordance with the various health care rules of the government and other health organizations and insurance companies.
  • Oversight of budgets
  • Creating financial and business strategies
  • Maintaining Press relations
  • To promote Public, community, marketing and branding activities
  • Grants management for various non medical items purchase
  • Billing and Credit department
  • Actively participating in purchase of medical and non medical equipment in coordination with doctors

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./images/DoctorImg/b5eab510-d9b6-419e-9cab-824f85e99f0fDr K Kishore Babu.JPG

Dr Kishore Babu K


Medical Director

Dept of : Administration

./images/DoctorImg/cefce731-ad26-41b0-bd32-22598f427b4eDr KLV Prasad.JPG

Dr Prasad KLV


Medical Superintendent

Dept of : Administration

./images/DoctorImg/430e1684-8a8f-4558-92c1-8031e056e4a2Dr MAVP.JPG

Dr Prasad M A V


Casualty Medical Officer

Dept of : Administration

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