• Optical ureterotomy, Transurethral resection of prostate (TUR-P), Bladder neck incision (BNI). Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy (PCNL), Ureterocele mission

Paediatric urology

  • Circumcision, hypospadias repair, orchiopexy, posterior urethral valve fulguration, ureterocele surgery, ureteric reimplantation, pyeloplasty etc.


  • Surgery for kidney cancer, ureteral cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, penile cancer, testicular cancer etc.

Reconstructive urology

  • Hypospadias repair, urethral reconstruction (perineal urethroplasty, BMG urethra plasty), pyeloplasty, ureteric re-implantation etc.


  • Vasectomy, Vasal recanalization, chordae correction, fracture penis repair, basic evaluation and management of erectile dysfunction

Female urology

  • Urethral stenosis, stress urinary incontinence surgery (TOT, TVT), management of urological complications of uterine and ovarian malignancy

Genitourinary Trauma

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Dr Srimannarayana P


Consultant Urologist

Dept of : Urology

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